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Jesus of the People

Museum Exhibits

Reflections of God - St. John Baptist de La Salle with his Beloved Students

New painting commissioned by De La Salle North Catholic High School, Portland OR, 2020,
honoring St. John Baptist de La Salle celebrating Lasallian education

Reflections of God - St. John Baptist de La Salle with his Beloved Students, ©Janet McKenzie 2020

St. John Baptist de La Salle considered his students to be 'Reflections of God'
and this is the essence of this painting. Here he is the foundation around which
beloved students gather - generation after generation - inspired forward by
his enduring love of education and his love for them.
'Young people need good teachers, like visible angels.'
St. John Baptist de La Salle

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Sanctuary, ©Janet McKenzie 2020

'Sanctuary' was acquired by the Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, MN summer of 2021. Director of Liturgy and Sacred Art, Johan van Parys, PHD, discusses the acquisition on his series 'Art that Surrounds Us' Click here to watch!

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Sacredness and Solidarity: A Conversation with Artist Janet McKenzie

July 2020 interview by Jillian Ewalt, Marian Library, University of Dayton

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Come and See - Mary Magdalene by Susan Calef and Janet McKenzie

July 24, 2020, Fr. Richard Rohr's Daily Meditations, The Center for Action and Contemplation

Janet McKenzie's 'Mary Magdalene with Jesus the Christ' featured

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Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace, ©Janet McKenzie 2020


Covid - 19 is stealing our beloveds. Every part of our collective soul hurts and it is impossible to absorb the concept of how many have died and been taken from us so quickly across New York City, the country and the world.

This profoundly sad time of dying reminds us evermore and once again how much we need unconditional love and hope. Beloved Mother Mary, who has embodied the iconic feminine spirit across time, remains a steadfast and comforting presence to this young woman who rests her head on Mary's shoulder. We are all this young woman, each of us needing familiar maternal reassurance and a place to rest our own weary heads. Janet McKenzie

I think we all need comfort and solace at this time. I can feel myself sinking into her shoulder. I can feel her put her arms around me. I can feel myself releasing breaths I have held for too long. Reverend Katherine Burgess, Spiritual Director and Presbyterian Minister, the Presbyterian Church of Canada in response to "Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace", March 29, 2020

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Radical Courage and the Feminine Spirit - the Art of Janet McKenzie, Solo exhibition of original paintings,Sheen Center for Thought and Culture

Radical Courage and the Feminine Spirit - the Art of Janet McKenzie
Solo exhibition of original paintings
Sheen Center for Thought and Culture
18 Bleecker St., NYC

'Hope', a video about Janet McKenzie's work in the world supporting the rights of women, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. The video was shown for the first time in March 2019 at the Universal Christ Conference, Albuquerque, NM, before an audience of 2300 and another 2800 webcasting!


Artist Janet McKenzie was a presenter at the Universal Christ Conference, March 2019, Albuquerque, NM. The Center for Action and Contemplation, founded by beloved Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr, sponsored the event - for anyone seeking meaning and direction for their spiritual journey.

The Universal Christ: Another Name for Every Thing

Janet McKenzie Presentation at the Universal Christ Conference 2019 with Fr. Richard Rohar, ©Janet McKenzie Protest Poster at Rally, ©Janet McKenzie Jesus of the People, ©Janet McKenzie



This work of art honors the feminine community. Fueled by memories of the past and created as a visual prayer for the present it is my hope this painting serves as a testament to the courage and strength of women into the future. Mary, the beloved foundational figure around which timeless women gather, reaches out to us through her gaze as her blessed child sleeps within her protection. Janet McKenzie, artist

Commissioned by Memorial Church, Harvard University and unveiled on the altar April 23, 2017 Jeffrey Blackwell, Harvard University, created this video - The Divine Journey A Painter's Mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCYTIBHzQBA

Janet McKenzie was the 2013 William Belden Noble Lecturer, Memorial Church, Harvard University

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Jesus of the People© by Janet McKenzie

Jesus of the People, Women's March, January 21, 2016 on the Mall in the front of the White House, Washington DC. Carried by Miranda Hovemeyer, Tisha Moore and Mae Gibson Wall, Chaplain, and their entire wonderful group from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

To inquire about Protest Posters please email Janet McKenzie at art@janetmckenzie.com.


by Sr. Joan Chittister OSB & Janet McKenzie

Way of the Cross - The Path to New Life by Sr. Joan Chittister OSB & Janet McKenzie

The National Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist 2014

Joan Chittister, one of the most popular religious writers today and a prophetic voice for many years in the American church, had never before written a book-length treatment of the Stations of the Cross. However, when she heard that noted artist Janet McKenzie had painted the fifteen stations, she was eager to write the accompanying text. McKenzie's eye for the sacred and Chittister's profound meditations on the mysteries of the Cross are joined in this deeply reflective and inspiring book.

Available through Orbis Books www.orbisbooks.com and www.amazon.com

Janet McKenzie was the 2013 William Belden Noble Lecturer at The Memorial Church, Harvard University.

Janet McKenzie
Vermont artist Janet McKenzie pays homage to the feminine figure through sacred and secular imagery. Ms. McKenzie's paintings depict an inner strength that often challenge and comfort the viewer. Using a variety of female forms including African American, Asian, and Caucasian women Ms. McKenzie is able create empowering images of women that are beautiful, thought provoking, and often haunting. Through her paintings Ms. McKenzie strives to convey the heart of the feminine being as a universal symbol of hope. "Women are for me sacred beings that are the foundation of life, subjects that have the power to captivate my imagination and inform my expression."

Ms. McKenzie's work is collected and exhibited around the world. At the Millennium Ms. McKenzie's image of Jesus, Jesus of the People, was selected winner of the National Catholic Reporter's "Jesus 2000 competition, by judge Sister Wendy Beckett. The painting was revealed for the first time on the "Today Show". "Jesus of the People" confronts stereotypical thinking by celebrating Jesus as African American. The feminine aspect is served by the fact that the model for this painting was a woman.

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